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About  Sam's Foodie Goods

Sam's Foodie Goods was born out of a blog combining Samira's passion and talent for food and photography. This gradually eventuated into a food photography business to service clientele in the food industries from primary producers, product manufacturers through to service providers such as restaurants, wineries, breweries, and cafes.


What can we do for you?


We can create beautiful images that will get your food or beverage products noticed in your advertising and promotional campaigns. Take a browse through some of Samira's work under the portfolio tab.


We also provide recipe testing, food styling, and photography service for customers who may want to create a cookbook or have similar aspirations.


Check out Samira's workshops tab too for some great cooking masterclasses to participate in!

About  Samira

Samira was born and grew up in Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan. In her early twenties she moved to Australia, a country of her childhood dreams. Samira has been passionate about food from her early years and through extensive travelling has learned and is familiar with a variety of different cuisines.


Now residing in Margaret River, the region provides her with ample opportunities to engage in a number of culinary ventures utilising the vast array of fine local produce the area is famous for. 


Samira is very excited about bringing Azerbaijan's colourful and diverse cuisine to Australians and beyond. She has recently participated in the Australian MasterChef series where she gained the popularity of the public through her cooking and love of traditional food from her home country. She aspires to continue introducing Australians to the flavours of the Caucasus by publishing an illustrated cookbook, future media projects and culinary events. 

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